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Measuring & Testing

Professional measuring instruments and techniques allow us to undertake in-depth and highly precise product tests. Our equipment is state-of-the-art and integrates the most advanced technology.

Werth EasyScope

The entry-level 3D multi-sensor coordinate measuring machine  
Design: CNC benchtop multi-sensor coordinate measuring machine for use in the shopfloor environment
Measuring range: X=200mm; Y=150mm, Z=200mm
Sensors: Werth image processing video sensor, touch trigger probes
Applications: Plastic connectors and housings, watch plates

Hommel T8000


The optimum combination for roughness and contour measurement is provided by the intelligent arrangement of both probing systems. Roughness and contour are measured by two different probing systems.



Hommel Optic C305


Measuring capacity:
Diameter up to 50 mm, length up to 300 mm
Repeat precision:
Diameter: 0.5 µm, length: 3 µm 


μPhase® Vertical 50 - Modular and Compact Interferometer

Trioptic PhaseVertical

Digital interferometer with phase shifting for a wide variety of applications in optics production, quality assurance and laboratory environments. The system’s modular concept allows to measure flat, spherical and aspherical surfaces, transmission measurements of optical systems, absolute and relative measurements of radius curvature and focal length. An integrated radius measuring unit provides for fast and reliable transmission of measured values.

Measuring range for concave and convex spherical surfaces:
Standard radius range from 1 mm to 225 mm, diameter up to 55 mm